#8 Lemon One: 1 Corinthians 11:1-16

A Questionable Message in a Swamp of Words

So, now we come to the explanation of 1 Corinthians 11:1-16, the first lemon passage. (I will be covering all seven New Testament lemon passages in order of their appearance in the Bible.)

Each lemon explanation opens with four subheadings: “The Passage,” “The Misfit,” “The Fit,” and “The De-lemonization.”

“The Passage” is typically a quote from the King James Version. If the quote is from a different Bible version, it is because that version’s translation requires less modification to turn it from a lemon into a grape.

“The Misfit” contains a summary of the way that the passage is commonly understood.

“The Fit” contains a summary of the way that the passage can rightfully be understood and, thereby, fit well in the context of the whole Bible.

“The De-lemonization” provides a detailed explanation of how to change the lemon from a misfit to a fit, or maybe I should say, from a lemon to a grape.

Each explanation also ends with a possible retranslation (typically with  only some minor changes) that turns it from a lemon to a grape.

#7 De-lemonizing the Lemons

It is noteworthy that in general, the lemon translations hold two basic messages: Woman must submit to man and woman should be quiet.

Seriously, is this the good news? Is this the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Remember that it was a woman who first proclaimed the good news of Christ’s resurrection, and to a male audience, no less. (I would guess that her delivery was a highly emotional one—after all, she had just been with Jesus!) Continue reading “#7 De-lemonizing the Lemons”

#4 God Gets My Attention

I intended to write about the first Lemon (1 Cor. 11:1-16) in this post; however, after reading a heart-wrenching post yesterday by a young woman on an egalitarian Facebook page that I follow (a private, not public, group), I decided to make a short side-trip before beginning the trek down the lemon road.

I replied on the FB page and told her that I was going to use my blog to respond to what she wrote, because it might also be helpful to some others who read my blog, but don’t follow that site. So here it is: Continue reading “#4 God Gets My Attention”

#2 One of God’s biggest clues about woman …

I’m back from my trip and have recuperated from following my granddaughter-athlete up and down the streets of Vancouver. I am happy to be stationary  in my comfy computer chair, ready to begin blogging in earnest.

Food ahead …
A momentary pause…
On the dock …


Biking around the peninsula
Capilano suspension bridge






Not wanting to waste your time or mine, I am starting with a big serving of meat Continue reading “#2 One of God’s biggest clues about woman …”