#16: A New Perspective on Adam and Eve (Part 1 of 4)

After examining the faulty translation of Genesis 3:16, it’s time to revisit the story of Adam and Eve and see how an improved, more accurate translation of this verse can bring new understanding to the account.

The new perspective that I am about to present may bring a sudden mind-awakening jolt to those who hold to the traditional interpretation of events found in Genesis 3 and 4. Such a jolt may be necessary to bring attention to the truth that is hiding under the carefully placed, stationary, cobweb-covered, traditional understanding.

The new perspective turns the centuries-old spotlight away from the woman’s role in the Fall and brings it to rest on the man’s role, one which has remained hidden in the shadows. It also offers a pragmatic look at what happened to the first couple and their family after they began life outside of Eden.

I believe that you will be surprised, as I was, at how the new perspective finds a much stronger footing in the text of the Bible than the traditional one does. Also, the new perspective is a more realistic one, in that the fallen patterns of behavior seen in the first family have been replicated over and over again in millions of fallen marriages and families on this earth since the Fall of man. (Remember, this is only Part 1 of 5 …)

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