#19 A New Perspective: The First Woman Enabler (Part 3 of 4)

This post contains an expanded version of what likely happened to Adam and Eve after they were living outside the Garden of Eden (Genesis 4). It is written in the form of a short story. 

The story of Adam and Eve has been examined from different angles by many different people over a great span of time. The story’s interpretation that lives in most minds today contains some amount of speculation (ideas without firm evidence). I believe that my interpretation of what happened outside of Eden, some of which is speculative, is a plausible one, based on biblical facts viewed in the light of the de-lemonization of Genesis 3:16 (as previously presented). 

As students of the Bible know well, God does not always spell out every detail in biblical accounts. I believe that this is purposeful. It leaves us to question, to think, to seek truth, to pray, and to try to reach conclusions that fit with the known facts. 

In this post and the next, I will give a number of evidences that  my narrative fits very well with the revelation of the whole Bible and with patterns of behavior found in human family relationships for thousands of years.

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