A Riddle

When Lemons Become Grapes

When sour lemons grapes become,
Girl worms will change to butterflies.
And, likewise, when all lemons go,
Boy frogs will morph and princes rise.

When sour lemons grapes become,
God’s foe will yield to “It is done.”
Earth’s war will end; its night will bow
In homage to God’s rising Son.

For lemons are the devil’s stealth,
The weapons of his evil choice.
They enter hearts and paralyze;
They block the Master’s freeing voice.

Stuck on two vines, the New and Old,
Eight lemons dominate the view.
They swell to hide abundant grapes
That hold the vineyard’s message true.

The lemons are the devil’s lies
Concealed like tares among the wheat.
The grapes display God’s word in truth.
Their light the lying tares defeat.

So, how can grapes from lemons come?
A Bible riddle it does seem!
To solve it what we need from God:
An excellent translation team.

— Jane Carole Anderson

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