#19 A New Perspective: The First Woman Enabler (Part 3 of 4)

This post contains an expanded version of what likely happened to Adam and Eve after they were living outside the Garden of Eden (Genesis 4). It is written in the form of a short story. 

The story of Adam and Eve has been examined from different angles by many different people over a great span of time. The story’s interpretation that lives in most minds today contains some amount of speculation (ideas without firm evidence). I believe that my interpretation of what happened outside of Eden, some of which is speculative, is a plausible one, based on biblical facts viewed in the light of the de-lemonization of Genesis 3:16 (as previously presented). 
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#17 Another Marriage Testimony: The 50th, and the Best Gift Ever

As of today, I have been married to John for 50 years. On my anniversary each year, someone inevitably asks me what gift my husband gave me. I usually respond “out to eat at a nice restaurant.” In other words, John is not a highly creative gift giver. Not complaining, just stating the fact. However, this year he swung the gift mallet and solidly struck the big gong atop the pole—so strongly, in fact, that its sound continued to reverberate for 48 hours (to be explained). I’m still hearing it. The funny thing was that he didn’t even realize he was giving me the best and most creative anniversary gift I could ever have asked for or even imagined. (If you really want to appreciate the significance of his gift and haven’t already done so, read my blog post #14 which tells you a little about our marriage path.)

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#16: A New Perspective on Adam and Eve (Part 1 of 4)

After examining the faulty translation of Genesis 3:16, it’s time to revisit the story of Adam and Eve and see how an improved, more accurate translation of this verse can bring new understanding to the account.

The new perspective that I am about to present may bring a sudden mind-awakening jolt to those who hold to the traditional interpretation of events found in Genesis 3 and 4. Such a jolt may be necessary to bring attention to the truth that is hiding under the carefully placed, stationary, cobweb-covered, traditional understanding.

The new perspective turns the centuries-old spotlight away from the woman’s role in the Fall and brings it to rest on the man’s role, one which has remained hidden in the shadows. It also offers a pragmatic look at what happened to the first couple and their family after they began life outside of Eden.

I believe that you will be surprised, as I was, at how the new perspective finds a much stronger footing in the text of the Bible than the traditional one does. Also, the new perspective is a more realistic one, in that the fallen patterns of behavior seen in the first family have been replicated over and over again in millions of fallen marriages and families on this earth since the Fall of man. (Remember, this is only Part 1 of 5 …)

#15 Handling Anger: God Made the First Step Plain (Part 2)

What I Learned from God’s Words to Cain

Picking up where I left off in post #11:

Then the LORD said to Cain, “Why are you angry? And why has your countenance fallen?” (Gen. 4:6, NASB)

I learned something profound from these words to Cain: God wants to talk with me about my anger, and it is in my very best interest that I do talk to Him about it.

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