#7 De-lemonizing the Lemons

It is noteworthy that in general, the lemon translations hold two basic messages: Woman must submit to man and woman should be quiet.

Seriously, is this the good news? Is this the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Remember that it was a woman who first proclaimed the good news of Christ’s resurrection, and to a male audience, no less. (I would guess that her delivery was a highly emotional one—after all, she had just been with Jesus!) Continue reading “#7 De-lemonizing the Lemons”

#6 The MisFit Principle and Some Other Things About Bible Translation

It’s time to tackle the lemon translations. First, we need to consider four basic things about Bible translation. I’ve written about these in A Woman of Chayil, so here is another excerpt:

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#5 Some Chain-Rattling Truth

After reading the young woman’s heartfelt, brave response (on the private site) to my previous post, I have decided to call her Courageous.

Dear Courageous,

I wanted to include the following excerpt in my previous post, but didn’t so as to keep it from being way too long! So I guess you can consider this part 2 of that post:



#4 God Gets My Attention

I intended to write about the first Lemon (1 Cor. 11:1-16) in this post; however, after reading a heart-wrenching post yesterday by a young woman on an egalitarian Facebook page that I follow (a private, not public, group), I decided to make a short side-trip before beginning the trek down the lemon road.

I replied on the FB page and told her that I was going to use my blog to respond to what she wrote, because it might also be helpful to some others who read my blog, but don’t follow that site. So here it is: Continue reading “#4 God Gets My Attention”

#3 What is a “Lemon”?

I am finding that the lemon metaphor I have begun to use makes it easy for me to bring up and talk about (debunk) the bondage-producing verses in the Bible about women–those that have been held front and center in Christian teaching and used to hurt women for centuries in the devil’s war against her.  What is the Lemon metaphor?

#2 One of God’s biggest clues about woman …

I’m back from my trip and have recuperated from following my granddaughter-athlete up and down the streets of Vancouver. I am happy to be stationary  in my comfy computer chair, ready to begin blogging in earnest.

Food ahead …
A momentary pause…
On the dock …


Biking around the peninsula
Capilano suspension bridge






Not wanting to waste your time or mine, I am starting with a big serving of meat Continue reading “#2 One of God’s biggest clues about woman …”

#1 My first blog ever …


And even when I am old and gray, O God, do not forsake me, until I declare Your strength to this generation, Your power to all who are to come. (Psalm 71:18, NASB)

This verse expresses my heart’s continual prayer as I am fast approaching another life-milestone: Next month, I will turn 70.

From my picture, you can see that although I am old, I am not yet gray! Yes, that’s my hair with no color added … Continue reading “#1 My first blog ever …”