Comments Policy

This website is public and can be seen by anyone. Please remember that all who post comments (and the blogger) are real people with feelings. All people are made in the image of God and, therefore, deserve dignity and respect. For real communication to take place, it must be respectful.

1. Who can comment?

  • Anyone, but do not impersonate or comment using someone else’s name.
  • Using a moniker or handle is acceptable.

2. What kinds of comments are unacceptable and will be deleted without explanation?

  • Comments that are rude, condescending, disrespectful, demeaning, defaming, abusive
  • Comments that troll, bait, present fallacious arguments, use outlandish comments to fuel unproductive arguments
  • Comments that contain personal attacks, diatribes, or reprimands of others
  • Comments that contain profanity, etc.
  • Comments that contain commercial messages
  • Comments that request donations or contributions
  • Comments that are spam

Note: Lemons to Grapes will be the final determiner of what comments or contributions are unacceptable and will decide what gets removed from our website.

3. What are general guidelines for posting comments?

  • They should be in line with the topic and purpose of this website.
  • They should be related to the content of the post being discussed.
  • They may respectfully challenge or disagree with ideas, theology, or viewpoints.
  • They may contain information about, or links to, other resources available (no more than two links per post).

4. How should you report comments that make it past our filtering?

Use Contact Us and identify the post and the unacceptable comment.