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A Woman of Chayil: Far Above Rubies

This book is one in a series entitled, “At His Feet,” by my wife, Jane Carole Anderson. The series contains some of what Jane has learned sitting at the feet of Jesus with the Bible. When she was twenty-five years old, Jane had her first experience of God teaching her from His Word. A few years later, she was openly denounced by a Christian leader and told that a woman could not get revelation from the Bible. As a result, she was confused and stopped reading the Bible for a long period of time. After Jesus healed her heart, she began to spend time again—at His feet. What she has learned from His Word is in accord with the following stanza from a hymn:

We limit not the truth of God
To our poor reach of mind,
By notions of our day and sect,
Crude, partial and confined.
Now let a new and better hope
Within our hearts be stirred:
The Lord hath yet more light and truth
To break forth from His word.
— George Rawson (1807–1889)

Readers can, of course, make up their own minds about Jane’s inspiration. I think that the insights from the Holy Word of God that Jane has passed on to us in this writing speak well of both her and her teacher.

— John R. D. Anderson

Jane and I met when we were both young coeds adjusting to university life. My first impression of her was one of amazement—she was actually reading one of the course books she had just purchased from the bookstore, even though classes had not yet begun! In the two years following, I learned what a fun-loving, creative person Jane was. Whether she was writing entertaining skits for her pledge class of our women’s service club or supervising the construction of a homecoming parade float, Jane was full of enthusiasm and total focus on the task at hand. She participated in such projects while maintaining grades to earn her a place on the Dean’s List. Over the years, I have grown to appreciate how God has blessed Jane with remarkable gifts of perception and application. In turn, her willingness to be transparent and share her experiences has been, and continues to be, a blessing to many people.

In the years that followed the publication of her book, The Thread of Gold: God’s Purpose, the Cross, and Me, our friendship deepened as we both had life experiences that only the hand of God could have carried us through. Jane continues to be an inspiration as she consistently seeks the Lord and reflects His light to others. I thank her for introducing me to Katharine Bushnell’s God’s Word to Women and allowing me the privilege of seeing firsthand how Jane has gleaned the truths shared in it and the Bible to craft this book, A Woman of Chayil: Far Above Rubies, and provide more insight regarding true freedom in Christ for women as well as men.

— Karen Johnson

In A Woman of Chayil, Jane has exposed Christian women’s sin of staying silent and derelict in their duty in not holding Christian men accountable for ungodly actions. She explains, in biblical terms, that when both men and women are free to willingly submit to each other, they are then able to fully serve God. Anderson has, over the years as a believer in Christ, been tested relentlessly, yet not found wanting. This book contains revelation.

— Catherine B. Carter

I first met Jane in the 1970’s when we both were meeting with the church that she wrote about in The Thread of Gold. Some years after leaving it, I cautiously reconnected with Jane when I realized she and John had also left that church. Through our growing friendship, I began to recover from those difficult years. Through many hours of fellowship and tears, one thing I learned about Jane: She is a lover of truth. At one time, we had unknowingly abandoned truth—and we got in trouble. Through Jane, I learned that the truth does indeed set us free; that sometimes, the truth hurts; that truth has a “ring”; and that, without truth, our spiritual walk is on shifting sand. I observed in Jane’s life that truth doesn’t just come our way by accident. We must make a conscious decision to choose truth regardless of the cost—and there is a cost. I’m thankful to the Lord for the blessing Jane has been to me in my life. Together, we have seen God working in unmistakable ways, as only He can, and have on occasion said to one another in awe of Him, “What kind of God is this we have?”

— Lanell Allen

Determined not to waste life’s hard lessons, Jane possesses a strong commitment to share the insights she has learned while sitting at her Savior’s feet. The revealing of these truths has brought her to a point of unwavering courage, and this truth will drive her legacy. When you meet her, it is evident that she has staked her entire life on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

— Andi Smith

I’ve known Jane Anderson for over forty years. We first met in a non-denominational church in Houston, Texas, when our children were young and played together in our apartment complex. What drew me to Jane was her strong love for God and His Word. She has had a great influence on my life over the years by her strong determination to know the Truth and not to compromise with it, and her desire to help others to do the same. Her willingness to persevere to know Christ more deeply in the face of much persecution has been an inspiration to me and a beacon of light for many women facing the darkness of discrimination. I’m grateful to have known her, a pioneer of faith in a time when Christianity has been so terribly compromised. She continues to be a blessing to both men and women who want to know Christ and have a deeper walk with Him.

— Kay Leatherman

Jane Carole Anderson was like a breath of fresh air when we met at a Bible study group in our neighborhood. She clarified some of my thinking and extended some of my knowledge of the Lord and the Bible, both assets from which my subsequent life has benefited. She shared wisdom in the written word as well as her verbal gifts, and we became friends instantly. During the ensuing years, Jane continued to grow as her publication experiences continued. As an author, she shares of herself in much the same manner as I have described. Her warmth draws the reader to her topic while her knowledge of well researched material provides the foundation of her current project which clarifies for us God’s intended role for woman as He created her to be. All that is required of us, her readers, is to turn the pages of this text to reveal its contents and to learn about A Woman of Chayil. Enjoy your journey.

— Barbara A. Hanner

The Thread of Gold: God’s Purpose, the Cross, and Me

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