#5 Some Chain-Rattling Truth

After reading the young woman’s heartfelt, brave response (on the private site) to my previous post, I have decided to call her Courageous.

Dear Courageous,

I wanted to include the following excerpt in my previous post, but didn’t so as to keep it from being way too long! So I guess you can consider this part 2 of that post:



2 Replies to “#5 Some Chain-Rattling Truth”

  1. I am overwhelmed to the point of tears that you would take the time to encourage me in your blog.
    I have received written words before but rarely have they been kind and encouraging and in reaching out you have touched my soul deeply I have already re-read you blog post probably 10 times and will be coming back to it many more times.
    Thanks to your time and others encouraging words said in this group the Peace of God is starting to refresh me and I will be reaching out to other women who feel Gods calling and are in desperate need for freedom acceptance and grace.
    I pray Gods blessing on you and on your blog as it has already blessed me.
    I hope you have a happy birthday and congratulations on 50 years!
    I will take your advice, I will continue this journey I will continue to learn,
    And in faith I will step out and answer Gods call just as you answered for my sake.
    Thank you for being an inspiration.
    Much love and blessings to you.
    I look forward to continue reading your blog and book. 😊

  2. Wow! Thanks for pointing out that “Galatians 3:28 does not only say that there is no female; it also says there is no male. There is neither male nor female. It says that in Christ there is a new creation; and, even more interestingly, the Bible does not view or portray this new creation, the church, as a male but, rather, as a female! God sees the church as a woman, an extraordinary woman—the bride of Christ, who, as this book will show, is a woman of chayil. She is made up of extraordinary believers who look just like her, all of whom, male and female, are new-creation beings free in Christ.” How this encourages me!

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